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Marnar Bruk Royal is classified in fire class E

We are currently experiencing great demand for Marnar Bruk Royal, but there are still some people who are unsure about the fire-technical properties. Royal-impregnated cladding from Marnar Bruk can be used on most wooden buildings.

Two fire tests in 2021

In 2021, two major fire tests were carried out: "Assessment of fire-technical properties of wooden façade cladding - Fire testing of wooden cladding with different types of treatment" and "Fire in cavities behind royal-treated pine cladding". The fire tests were carried out by RISE Fire Research and show that Royal-impregnated cladding is not more flammable, or leads to increased spread, than other types of finished surface-treated cladding.

What does this mean for you?

The good news is that with the help of the digital tool or a fire advisor, you can use Royal on most wooden buildings.

  • Surface cladding is basically a small deviation in a fire concept.
  • This can be taken into account by either using a fire advisor, or by pre-declaring yourself using the Fireproof.
  • Fireproof is a standardised and pre-documented deviation analysis.
  • Fireproof can be used by organisations that are centrally approved in measure classes 1 and 2, and includes the following housing types: detached house with one living unit, holiday home, vertically divided house and terraced house.
  • Version 2 is in place and will include more housing types.

When using Royal, we recommend that you use Branntrygg

Feel free to contact us in connection with the use/training in Branntrygg, or ask your fire consultant to add class E to the surface cladding in connection with the preparation of a fire concept.

Branntrygg is free to use and takes a maximum of 15 minutes.