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An environmentally friendly choice

Royal impregnated wood is a natural and stable wood of the pine type with a long service life.
Royal impregnated wood is a natural and stable wood of the pine type with a long service life. Royal impregnated wood is more environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than other impregnated wood.


The wood is available in seven colour tones: Nordic black, Clay grey, Storm grey, Tar brown, Ochre yellow, Barn red and Weather grey (unpigmented). The unpigmented wood will over time take on a more grey colour because there is no UV protection in the oil used. Please note that these are transparent colours and that the colour will vary from production to production.

How Royal treats wood

The wood is loaded onto trolleys and placed in a pressurised cylinder. Impregnating salts that protect against fungi and insects are pressed right into the heartwood under pressure. The materials are then dried in a vacuum to remove as much excess preservative as possible.
Once the wood has been pressure-treated, the oiling process can begin. The wood is placed in a pressure cooker that is filled with hot oil. The vacuum in the tank reduces the boiling point of the water to around 60 degrees centigrade. This causes the water to leave the wood in the form of vapour, which is condensed and returned to a condensation vessel. This process continues until the water in the cells of the materials has been replaced with oil.

The oil fills the pores in the wood and is pressed 1-3 mm into the surface of the wood and up to 15-20 mm into the end grain.

The process ends with oil being pumped out of the tank and the materials being dried in a vacuum. When the materials come out of the cylinder, they are ready for use. In some cases, the surface of the wood may be saturated with pigment until the materials are fully fixed. The actual fixation may take some time in some cases.

The added oil provides effective protection against moisture and cracking. The wood is also very stable on walls, ceilings and terraces. The oil used in the process is completely solvent-free and should not be confused with ordinary wood oil or stain applied by hand.

Reduced maintenance

Royal-impregnated wood also needs maintenance, but far less frequently than untreated or pressure-impregnated materials. The wood is more stable and forms fewer cracks than other types of wood.

It is also resistant to moisture, rot and fungal attack. For maintenance, we recommend using Royal oil from Marnar Bruk. But you can also use ordinary oil stain or paint if you want to change the colour of the facade, but you can't go back to Royal.

Only the outermost layer of Royal impregnated wood will over time be bleached by weather and wind. Maintenance will therefore mainly consist of refreshing the colour. How often this needs to be done depends on the climate and what the materials are used for.

Royal-treated wood is not a surface-treated product, but a continuation of the impregnation process. Which provides industry-leading rot protection. For example, a dock that is exposed to waves, sea ice and scorching sun will need maintenance more often than a garage in the shade. Warm colours also fade faster in the sun than cold colours.