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In summer 2024, Marnar Bruk AS will be closed for holidays in weeks 29 and 30  ☀️🏝️ 

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Day trip cabins in Agder

In collaboration with Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank, Agder County Council has initiated a project to build 25 attractive and similar day trip cabins by 2025. Marnar Bruk is proud to supply Royal-treated cladding in the colours Nordic Black and Clay Grey for the project.
3D image of Feste Sør AS

Cabins that withstand a harsh climate

Proud supplier

Marnar Bruk is a proud supplier of the cladding for the day trip cabins, and the collaboration with HL Construction in Grimstad has worked excellently. It is the architectural firm Feste who is behind the design, concept and drawings of the cabins. "It's great that local and neighbouring municipalities are also using a local manufacturer for this project. 

Cladding with a long service life

Royal-impregnated standing seam cladding has been used in the colours Nordic Black and Clay Grey. These are transparent colours that show the structure of the wood and blend in well with the natural surroundings, while at the same time giving the wall a great look. The lifespan of the cladding is very good; in fact, we're talking about a technical lifespan of 60 years with the right treatment. So the cabins get a stylish cladding with one of the best rot protections available on the market.

Attractive destinations for everyone

Hiking opportunities in the neighbourhood

All 25 day trip cabins in Agder will be completed in spring 2024. The aim of the project is to provide more outdoor recreation and increased physical activity by creating attractive hiking destinations that encourage more people to get out where they live. The cabins are located close to the municipal centre or major population concentrations, and the walk to the cabins should take no more than 20-45 minutes. More information about the day trip cabins can be found on Agder County Council's website.