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In the long run, it pays to choose Royal-impregnated wood over ordinary impregnated materials.

A profitable choice

Easy to maintain

Royal-impregnated wood is pre-treated and very well protected against moisture, rot, fungal and insect attack. You can install the wood directly on the wall, ceiling or terrace and not spend time painting.

Marnar Bruk Royal is stable and does not rot. Its protective properties last a very long time. Only the outermost layer is bleached over time by weather and wind. Maintenance consists of regular house cleaning. After a few years, you can refresh the colour with a coat of Marnar Bruk Royal oil if you wish.

Our customers are wondering:

We call it maintenance-friendly. Only general cleaning and cosmetic refreshing is required.

It is somewhat more expensive to buy than e.g. primed or ordinary impregnated, but remember that Marnar Bruk Royal is finished on the facade and terrace. You avoid the costs of painting/staining. This makes it a profitable choice. Royal is more affordable than other similar products.

This depends entirely on how much stress the wood is exposed to and which colour you choose. Terraces and other smooth planed surfaces require more frequent refreshing. We also have RO.0 Weather Grey, which is without colour pigment and will turn grey naturally.

Technical lifetime is 60 years. Ref our EPD.